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Keyade's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art

Keyade here!! :) I'm a University student. It makes me really happy to meet other artists, so feel free to talk to me :) I draw (or am going to draw) stuff from these fandoms:

Touken Ranbu, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Tokyo Ghoul, Free! (Iwatobi Swim Club), ATLA, Legend of Korra, Kuroko no Basuke
Disney & Dreamworks (Frozen, HTTYD, Tangled), Studio Ghibli
Naruto, Kuroshitsuji, DMmd, Natsume Yuujinchou, K Project, No.6, LOTR
and occassional original work


By the Bridge by Keyade
By the Bridge
Iwatooshi & Imanotsurugi from Touken Ranbu! They're the humanized forms of 2 real Japanese swords from the Heian era :)

Do take some time to read their tragic but beautiful story
(written by Lorelei at…) : 

Iwatooshi (the tall Naginata) belonged to this warrior monk named Musashibou Benkei. Benkei, throughout fiction and history, was said to be this huge ogre of a man. Even his nickname as a child was apparently “Oniwaka” or demon/ogre child. He was famous for being a very powerful warrior.

At some point later in Benkei’s life, after he’d gotten booted from the monastery and started making a name for himself, he started hanging around this bridge in Kyoto called Gojou Bridge. He would challenge passing samurai to duels, but naturally defeated every one of them. Each time, Benkei took their sword as a prize and he ended up with 999 swords in this way. And then the 1000th person to come by the bridge was the young Minamoto no Yoshitsune, then known as Ushiwakamaru (his childhood name). Imanotsuguri (the short tantou) was Yoshitsune’s sword. 

Just imagine this scene: two warriors on a moonlit bridge at night, one huge and strong and the other lithe and small. And yet Yoshitsune came out on top. Impressed, Benkei swore absolute loyalty to Yoshitsune and accompanied him for the rest of their days.

Sadly, the rest of their days ended up not being very long. Yoshitsune, despite his military prowess, just got caught in a bad situation politically. Perhaps he was doomed from the start–a youngest son who began to outshine his older brother. He’s famous as a tragic figure because of his untimely demise despite his brightness and strength. Cornered during the Battle of Koromo River, Yoshitsune decided to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) to die with honor. Of course, the sword he used to commit seppuku was Imanotsurugi. 

Benkei stood–with his trusty naginata Iwatooshi in hand–to protect his lord from the pursuing forces by positioning himself on a bridge between the enemy and Yoshitsune. The opposing army was so afraid of Benkei that they didn’t dare fight him head on. Some came at him anyway, but were quickly dispatched and ultimately Benkei died after they riddled him with arrows. It still took him a long time to die, however, and it’s said that he died standing up and for some time the opposition didn’t even realize he was dead. His loyalty was so strong that even in death it would not waver. In the end, Benkei served Yoshitsune in the ultimate way: he gave Yoshitsune the time and space to commit seppuku successfully and so defended his lord to the death. If Yoshitsune is famous as a tragic figure, Benkei is famous as a symbol of absolute loyalty. 

Artists always draw these two swords by bridges because their fates are linked to bridges, to arrows, and to loyalty.

All credit to Lorelei for writing this story, I simply copied all the text over. Her blog can be found in the link above :) 

Shall we dance? by Keyade
Shall we dance?
Er, it's slightly gay. Don't like don't look haha :D (Apologies to my male watchers)

Congrats on Tsuruichi being the 2nd most popular Tourabu ship! :w00t: It was really a surprise hahaha
(The characters are Ichigo & Tsurumaru from Touken Ranbu)
ID August 2015 by Keyade
ID August 2015
I finally chopped my hair and no longer resemble a hobo under the bridge :iconlikeasirplz:
Candle Light by Keyade
Candle Light
Shokudaikiri Mitsutada from Touken Ranbu! It's supposed to match this painting: Dragon Boy by Keyade

Yes I've decided to go into a long term relationship with ink and brown paper LOL
Dragon Boy by Keyade
Dragon Boy
Ookurikara from Touken Ranbu! :) Calligraphy ink & chinese watercolor paint is so fun to paint with :) 
Goshh his skin colour is so sexy  Ohh yeah it's supposed to match this painting: Candle Light by Keyade
Recently, I've been getting so many messages like this: and 

from this idiot: :iconmegantruff: and others.
It apparently asks you for permission to feature your work on :iconallart4ever:, but of course it never does. After some investigation, some people found that THE SENDER IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE GROUP! I got this message 4 or 5 times. I feel so sorry for the group though. 

If you ever get this message, please don't download the app and don't click on the link. As you can see from the deleted accounts, dA is trying to do something about this retard, but can't catch up to the rate they change their usernames.

More info in :iconentesi:'s journal here: <da:thumb id="530864370"/>


Your favourite artist? (Looking for more godly people to stalk) 

36 deviants said Comment! Doesn't have to be from dA :)


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Saylor-boo Featured By Owner 1 day ago
<3 ;v;/
Keyade Featured By Owner 9 hours ago   Digital Artist
Omg thank you for following on dA as well!! Gosh your Anmitsu piece so beautiful, your painting style has this pearly effect that is so nice :iconilavplz: 
Saylor-boo Featured By Owner 6 hours ago
aaaaa thank you so much! your drawings are all so great!! your painting style is very amazing ;v;/////
ZeppelinAdventures25 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Winx, Naruto, Frozen, and ATLA in one artist's gallery. You are now my current fave artist in dA.
Keyade Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
Omg thank you so much for leaving these lovely comments on my work :icontearplz: Really glad you liked them, and your words totally made my day!! Yay for these 4 fandoms, it's really nice to meet someone else who likes them! :highfive: Thank you for the watch and I'll work hard to draw better!! :)
ZeppelinAdventures25 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You're welcome! It is honestly hard to find one artist with those 4 fandoms....I'm just really happy I found you! *-*
117design Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow your whole art gallery is truly amazing! I'm so impressed by your work :D How long have you been drawing for??
Keyade Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Thank you so much! Gosh this comment made my day <3 I've been drawing for around 6 years! :) Haha gosh feel so old now
Ailythe Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
Hello! Thanks so much for the watch! ^q^)7
I'm so honoured ;w;
Keyade Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015   Digital Artist
Omg thank you for the watch back, I'm really honoured too! Nono YOUR art is amazing, I really loved the Touken Ranbu series! The colours are so bright, beautiful and used really skillfully...really wish I could do that *A* 
And yeahh nice to meet a fellow Singaporean! Do you attend/sell stuff at conventions? 
Ailythe Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2015
YOUR WELCOMEEEEE YOUR GORGEOUS ART DESERVES IT SCREAMS ahhh fellow touken fan!!! YESYES! HELLO AGAIN ^q^)7 my gosh I'm unworthy of your praise weeps. 
I love the atmosphere of your paintings, you're so good at both traditional and digital too!! *q*
Ahhh sometimes with my art group! We'll be at ICDS this week HAHA how about you? 8DDDD
Keyade Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015   Digital Artist
OMG THANK YOU :icontearplz: YEAHHH I'm so happy the touken fandom in Singapore is really huge! Yes I'll be at ICDS with my circle too :) We're at booth 18, how about you? I'll be there on Sat, it'll be great if we can meet :w00t:
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xelanesque Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh, your Singaporean? Can I ask you something? Is it possible to have dual citizenship in Singapore AND Malaysia?
Keyade Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015   Digital Artist
Yeah I'm Singaporean! It's possible to have dual citizenship before you turn 21. At 21, you have to choose 1 of the citizenships :)
xelanesque Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Okay, thanks for the info. Im making a Singaporean OC, this info helps alot :)
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